4 Tips for Students Vacationing in France This Summer

4 Tips for Students Vacationing in France This Summer
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There is nothing quite like planning a trip abroad after working hard all year long to keep your grades up so that you don’t lose your financial aid for tuition in the fall. This summer, after the past couple of years when Covid kept you from traveling almost anywhere, you are finally looking forward to the trip of your dreams. You are about to take a month-long vacation in France. If this is your first trip abroad without parents or elder relatives, you are probably in for a few nice surprises! Even so, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of that month.

1. Adaptors for Electronics

Although most new laptops and cell phones have built-in power converters, you will need an adaptor that plugs into the wall if you want to keep your electronics charged. Also, it is suggested that if you are a gamer, you will probably do well with any of the Lenovo Remote PCs because they enable you to connect in the Cloud to all your favorite subscription games like those for your Xbox system at home. Remember, you won’t always be out and about touring, so for those nights hunkered down in your B&B, you’ll want to play a game or two, won’t you?

2. How to Find Student-Friendly Accommodation

There is actually a league of youth hostels in France that you could find listed on this website. Of course, you may also want to backpack a bit but unless you have a power bank for your electronics, you’ll want to spend at least a few nights a week in a youth hostel or a student-friendly B&B.

3. What You Should Know About Alcoholic Beverages in France

This is something else to be cognizant of when traveling through France. Did you know that France has two different minimum drinking ages? In France, as well as throughout much of Europe, it is not uncommon to see a 16-year-old sitting at a pub bar drinking a glass of wine or a mug of beer. You see, in France, the minimum legal drinking age for beer and wine is 16 but for hard alcohol, it is 18 unless accompanied by an adult. With this in mind, be careful not to get carried away because you will be a stranger in a strange land and so there’s no calling mom or dad to pick you up if you can’t remember where you are!

4. Always Know Where the American Embassy Is

Although France is a friendly nation, you never know when you might need to consult your consulate. Before going abroad, to any country that is, always have the contact information on hand for the Consulate on hand. If ever there is a problem and you are having difficulty communicating with officials there, it is good to know where to find someone who can speak on your behalf.

With that said, after such a long time of being tied to North America, enjoy your trip abroad. Remember to tour a few of the vineyards while you are there as well. With the legal minimum drinking age for wine being 16, you can safely sample the local wines to your heart’s content.

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