French Gastronomy: Spanish Restaurants Are Trending in France

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One of the best cuisines in the world is French, but Spanish cuisine is not far behind and is beginning to make its mark in the international ranking, to such an extent that more and more Spanish chefs are opening restaurants in Paris.

Nowadays, many Spanish restaurants are located in France, which stand out for their first quality cuisine and for serving typical Spanish dishes. Of course, the menu also includes the best international dishes, but the reality is that these restaurants are primarily famous for their delicious Spanish dishes.

As more Spanish restaurants pop up in French territory every year, more and more culinary venues raise the debate about which of the two gastronomies is better. In the last gastronomic contests held in France, Spanish chefs have come out on top in the struggle for the best Western cuisine.

In this article, we will refer to some of the best Spanish restaurants located in France, where you can taste the Spanish haute cuisine. Those who have already had the pleasure of traveling to Spain, and have been able to taste the delights offered by its gastronomy, will surely remember their trip by visiting any of these restaurants as they instantly transport you to the Hispanic country and its gastronomic culture.

Best Spanish Restaurants in France

Abuela (Grandma)


This restaurant, located in Paris, is called “Grandma” in honor of the owner’s grandmother; and as you can imagine, its food reminds us of our grandmothers.


This place offers a wide menu, including grandma’s classics, such as ham and cheese croquettes, octopus (as grandma used to make it), patatas bravas, or calamari a la romana. You can also count on classic desserts, chocolate with churros, or the simple but delicious rice pudding.

Potxolo Winery 


This small space (only 40 square meters) located in the heart of Paris is a truly unique and cozy restaurant where delicious tapas are served along with the best Basque dishes, such as grilled tuna, meatballs, and fried squid, and chistorra.


The dishes of this restaurant have been qualified as dishes of high quality and impeccable presentation. A curious fact is that the owner of this restaurant that offers Spanish food is French!


Le Jamoncito 


Another highly recommended Spanish restaurant in France is “Le Jamoncito” (The little ham). This restaurant specializes in Iberian assortments, and of course, they are chorizo in wine, cecina, pork loin, and many others. Here sausages are the specialty of the house, particularly ham.

Le Jamoncito is located near the Pompidou Center, and according to its owner, it “breathes Spain in every corner”.


The little Boqueria


This beautiful restaurant is located in Marseille. It is a Boqueria where there is a large exhibition of bottles of wine and gourmet preserves. Here the dishes and tapas are intermingled with the sale of certain products. You will be able to taste everything from octopus omelet to scrambled eggs with sobrasada from Mallorca.


La Paloma del Sol


This family restaurant, located in the city of Lyon, is in charge of cooking dishes made only with seasonal products. Here, you can taste delicious dishes like aioli potatoes, goat cheese, and chorizo pasties. La Paloma del Sol offers incredible food and live guitar concerts. 


El Baratillo 


This family restaurant located in Toulouse is decorated as if it were an Andalusian alley. It offers a menu based on authentic Spanish cuisines, such as chicken croquettes, chicken with garlic, tapas, or salmorejo. Exclusively Spanish wines and beers accompany all dishes.


Chez Mireille 


It is a restaurant located in Nice with a trajectory of more than 70 years. Chez Mireille offers a culinary menu quite different from the usual French menus. It specializes in paella, the only dish provided, along with three desserts.


It is a simple and small restaurant, but very cozy. It has only six tables, so it offers a very intimate atmosphere!


La Maison du Pata Negra 


This restaurant, located in Nantes, also specializes in Iberian sausages, so if you feel like a good ham, this is your place! Here they offer tapas, both classic and more elaborate, which contain curried shrimps, quail eggs, or tomatoes confited with eggplant.


Tastings are often organized in this restaurant where the products offered are sold.




If you are in Strasbourg, you must go to eat at Iberica. It is a restaurant of exclusive design, as much as its facilities and its menu. Here you can taste delicious dishes such as anchovies with olive cream, garlic prawns, cod fritters with romesco sauce, Iberian secret with pumpkin mousse, Galician blonde steak, and many others. 

At Iberica, you can also buy their high-quality products in their delicatessen store.


L’Auberge Espagnole Bordeaux


This hotel business is located in the heart of Bordeaux, and its main objective is to offer excellent cuisine with first quality products. Incredible Spanish dishes are made from these products, such as the piquillos stuffed with cod, Galician octopus, mushrooms stuffed with chorizo, or patatas bravas. 


Depending on the season of the year, they also usually offer fabada asturiana. Of course, all the house dishes are accompanied by excellent Spanish and Latin American wines. 




Interestingly, not only foreigners or tourists enjoy going to Spanish restaurants in France, but also the French themselves. This is because they know how to recognize good cuisine beyond their love for their local gastronomy. Those who travel to Spain for vacations or take a Spanish class in Barcelona, for example, or in any other city, return back home longing for good tapas!

If you are in France, we hope you can try each of these restaurants to delight yourself with the best of Spanish cuisine.

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