The Importance of Rings and Flowers as Traditional Couple Gifts

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In France, like in many other places, when you like someone, you usually hint at your feelings by giving them flowers. The classic bouquet of roses never fails to send that message. True enough, red roses symbolize love and romance. But did you know that the number of flowers you give also has a symbol? While there’s no clear symbol for a dozen red roses, it could be perfection since that’s what ten roses symbolize.

You don’t have to pick flowers based on their meanings, but wouldn’t it be sweeter if you actually know what each color, type, and number means? It shows your commitment and dedication. When the person you love feels assured of those, they’ll know to expect a ring soon.

Speaking of rings, they have a rich history in France (and elsewhere), and some facts about them may surprise you. So without further ado, let’s delve deep into the symbols and history behind a couple of rings and flowers.

Symbolism Behind Roses

Roses are the most common flowers women receive from their beaus. We now know that red roses symbolize love and romance, making them the top choice for men in love. But if you want to send a specific message aside from love, you can use numbers. 

One rose symbolizes love at first sight. That can be a bit controversial since not everybody believes in such. But it won’t hurt to try, as long as the other person isn’t a stranger. You can also give it to a friend you’ve always been attracted to. If the feeling is mutual, then maybe that rose will confirm it.

Two roses symbolize shared and deep love, making them perfect for long-term couples. Three roses mean “I love you,” so they’re good for both new and long-term couples. If you’re still on the courtship stage, giving six roses may help you express your feelings; it means “I want to be yours.” Seven roses work if you’re not in love yet, but deeply like the other person. It symbolizes infatuation.

Nine roses are probably the equivalent of “agape,” as it symbolizes eternal love. Ten symbolizes perfection.

The color of the rose means different things, too. White roses may be associated with marriage, but in fact, it means “a heart unacquainted with love.” Yellow roses are quite interesting; they look like the flowers you’d give to a friend, but they actually symbolize jealousy and infidelity. That’s one way to ruin a friendship!

If you’ve been bit by the love (at first sight) bug, give one piece of blue rose instead of a red one. Blue roses symbolize mystery and intrigue, befitting a secret admirer who doesn’t want to appear too forward.

Nowadays, we no longer get particular when sending someone flowers. And it’s completely fine. At the end of the day, the person matters more than their gift, anyway. If the woman or man you love feels the same about you, they wouldn’t mind if you give them two, four, twenty, or no roses.

Symbolism Behind Couple Rings

You’d give three rings at most to a person you love: a promise ring, engagement ring, and wedding ring. Beautiful silicone promise rings for couples are becoming increasingly popular because of their simple and casual look. It’s not very common to give them; couples usually focus on their engagement and wedding.

A promise ring symbolizes your commitment to the relationship, and thus your promise to each other. As such, it’s worn by both parties in the relationship, like a wedding ring. It doesn’t necessarily precede an engagement, but it shows that you consider it a possibility.

The engagement ring, on the other hand, has a shocking history. It used to be a sign of ownership. It wasn’t until the year 850 that it became a symbol of a man’s intent to marry a woman. Today, of course, the genders don’t matter, at least in countries where same-sex marriage is allowed.

Lastly, the wedding ring, or wedding band, has always symbolized binding and union between couples. The circle shows the couple’s eternal union, while the open center is the portal to the life they’ll explore together.

Wedding bands used to be made of leather, bone, or ivory. Gold and silver bands were rare and only worn by the wealthy. Now, they’re the most common wedding ring materials, and their meaning and significance stayed the same.

But why rings? Why not necklaces? It could be because the Ancient Egyptians believed in the vena amoriis, a.k.a. “vein of love.” It’s the vein that runs from your heart to the fourth finger on your left hand. But we wear weddings rings on our right finger now, because it’s our right hand that we use when making oaths.

The symbolism behind flowers and rings may be irrelevant in our lives now, but it’s good to know where their significance has originated. Take note of these now for the next Valentine’s Day.

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