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Largest French Companies

Getting to Know the Largest French Companies

In the previous post entitled ‘Want to Make Money in the French Stock Market?’, we explained how you can get started by getting acquainted with European stock markets, specifically Euronext Paris. Choosing where to trade...

Apartments in the French Riviera: A Smart Investment?

Do not equate a random or any French investment with investing in French Riviera. There is a world of difference between buying French apartments in Paris and getting one in the French Riviera. There are...
French Stock Market

Want To Make Money In The French Stock Market?

Making money in any Stock Market is not an easy task, especially these last years of extreme volatility. In terms of understanding the French stock market, which can be useful to those who are significantly...

Business French Course: Is This Your Key For Success?

When you make the decision to be a business owner it’s important that you prepare yourself for anything that you come across, including foreign business relations. French is the most popular second language in the...
French Banks

Discover The Largest French Banks in France

The complex banking system in France consists of more than 400 French banks and is comprised of four main sections: the Bank of France, Deposit banks, Investment banks, and banks that provide medium- and long-term...

34 Interesting Facts about France and French Traditions

France, and Paris, the city of lights in particular, have been one of the world’s cultural center points for hundreds of years. During the 19th and 20th Centuries, the French culture and charm rapidly spread...