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Apartments in the French Riviera: A Smart Investment?

Do not equate a random or any French investment with investing in French Riviera. There is a world of difference between buying French apartments in Paris and getting one in the French Riviera. There are...

Why Learn French? The Unmatched Benefits!

When you consider the fact that English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic and Bengali followed by Russian and Japanese are the most spoken languages in the world, you may very well wonder why learn French....

Business French Course: Is This Your Key For Success?

When you make the decision to be a business owner it’s important that you prepare yourself for anything that you come across, including foreign business relations. French is the most popular second language in the...

Opening a Bank Account in France ? Read This

Whether you’re a new resident of France or if you intend on moving in the near future, the first thing that you should do is open a French bank account. It’s important to remember that...
French Stock Market

Want To Make Money In The French Stock Market?

Making money in any Stock Market is not an easy task, especially these last years of extreme volatility. In terms of understanding the French stock market, which can be useful to those who are significantly...
french labor laws

French Labor Laws: When Should I Get a Lawyer?

The French legal system is a tad different from other legal systems across Europe and the United States. The French legal system has a civil law instead of a common law. The civil law has...