Why Learn French? The Unmatched Benefits!


When you consider the fact that English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic and Bengali followed by Russian and Japanese are the most spoken languages in the world, you may very well wonder why learn French. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why you should consider taking classes to learn French. You may vehemently oppose French lessons for kids. The reality is that these languages are the most widely spoken based on their count of native speakers. If you consider the global stage then neither Hindi nor Arabic, neither Portuguese nor Chinese appear to be accepted or much recognized. These languages are confined to the native people.

On the global stage, the most prized language after English is French. There are some who would rate Spanish and Mandarin ahead of French. But you have approximately 76 million people who speak French in more than 50 countries and more than 20 countries that have a substantial French speaking populace being a part of the OIF, an international organization of French-speaking countries, then the count easily crosses the 100 million mark. Some estimates peg the total number of people who speak French, be it as a native, as their second or third language to be more than 200 million. That is a good enough reason to learn in French.

Let us explore some of the unmatched benefits of French lessons for kids and adults.

• French is taught in every country across the world. It has the largest network of cultural institutes. It is a language that can prepare you for jobs that would otherwise be unavailable for you. For instance, there are many people who speak English and Spanish. There are many people who know French and Italian, French and German, French and Spanish or even French and Portuguese. The number of people knowing French and English is always interesting. Those who are proficient in both are considered a rare breed. Knowing French will help you in places where English may not be of much help, including Switzerland, Belgium and Africa.

why learn french
French is taught in every country across the world…

• French is the language of reason, love, culture and travel. French is at the very crux of global fashion, cooking, theatre, dance, music, visual arts and architecture. It will help you when you are in France, Monaco and Seychelles.

• French will be helpful in higher studies. French is an official and working language of the United Nations, UNESCO, European Union, the International Olympic Committee, NATO and the International Red Cross.

• French is arguably a difficult language compared to English and Spanish. Hence, it makes mastering new languages easier. Bilingual and multilingual people have better cognitive skills. Learning French will certainly improve the cognitive capabilities of any and sundry.



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