Are These The Top French Investment Banks?


Those who are interested in French banking will naturally want to pay attention to how many entries the country brings to any meaningful list of the top investment banks. There are a few options to consider, in a general sense, when it comes to the best French investment banks to be found anywhere in the country.

However, if you want to focus on the cream of the crop in French banking, we have three institutions that are definitely worth researching in greater detail.

3 Major French Investment Banks

Obviously, when it comes to any French investment bank, you are going to want to do your research. You are going to want to have complete confidence in whatever you might need from such an institution. Use our list of the 3 top investment banks in France to get you started:

1. BNP Paribas: When people talk about the best French investment banks, it stands to reason that BNP Paribas is going to be the first one that shows up in the conversation. The largest bank in France has roughly EUR 2.0 trillion in assets, which also makes them one of the powerhouses of European investment banking and beyond, as well. Their market capitalization at this point is somewhere in the neighborhood of EUR fifty billion.

2. Société Générale: If you ask someone to tell you about French banking, this is going to be another one of those institutions you will likely hear about in short order. That is because Société Générale is the 2nd largest bank in all of France. This bank also has locations in both the United States and Asia. After opening its doors over one hundred and fifty years ago, this giant of the world of French investment banks employees over 146, 000. In 2015 alone, it generated revenue of approximately €25.639 billion.

3. Morgan Stanley France: There is no question that Morgan Stanley is regarded as one of the biggest financial institutions in the world. Their French offices offer an impressive extension of everything this bank can bring to the table. For the past several decades, Morgan Stanley France has been helping individuals from all walks of life with all of their French banking needs. While this is not a born and bred example of French investment banks, it is still worth a closer look on your part.

If you need some inspiration for where to begin, start with the first two on our list of the top investment banks.


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