Starting a Shipping Business in France: 5 Tips for Success

Starting a Shipping Business in France
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Starting a shipping business in France can be a prosperous avenue to take. Online sales in the country continue to go up, which means there’s a greater demand for shipping services to get products to customers in an efficient and timely manner. 

Due to the demand and the industry’s growth showing no signs of slowing down, there’s always room for a new shipping business to step in and thrive. However, even with all of these positive signs, there are still numerous important steps you need to take for a successful move into the shipping sector. 

If you want to know how to get up and running, here are five important tips for success when beginning a shipping company. 

1. Secure your financing 

Even if you’re starting off small, where it’s just you and a van doing the deliveries, you will still need to secure some form of financing for your business. This is achieved by putting together a business plan

Aside from being a gateway to the finance you need, a business plan is also a useful tool for finding out more about the shipping industry, your competitors, and the challenges you face. By conducting the necessary market research, you gain a greater education and foundation for starting your shipping business. 

2. Choose a location 

The location of your shipping business is a crucial component for success. If you end up based in the middle of nowhere, this isn’t going to make any sense from a logistics point of view. You want to be in the middle of the action, surrounded by businesses and potential customers. 

3. Purchase the right equipment 

Of course, you cannot begin a shipping company with your current car. You require a vehicle that is suitable for the job. This could be a van, a truck, or a fleet of trucks – this is dependent on how small or big you want to start your business. To limit risk, it is recommended you start slow and ease your way into adding additional vehicles (and employees) to your ranks.

Vehicles are not all you will need for your shipping company. The likes of smartphones, GPS trackers, and specialist shipping software will also be required. 

4. Find shipping jobs 

You have a base for your business. You have the equipment. Now it’s time to start getting money back by completing shipping jobs. While the dream is for clients to come and find you, those starting out will likely have to actively search for shipping assignments. 

The good news is you can find daily, local shipping jobs by using Shiply. This platform is not just ideal for those starting out but also for those searching for jobs to fill in any gaps in their schedule. For more information on shipping jobs, visit:

5. Build your brand 

To run a successful shipping business, it’s imperative you build your brand the right way. Along with promoting your company effectively through relevant marketing channels, you can build a strong reputation by completing jobs fast and to the exact specifications of your clients.


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