Into Online Banking? Opening a French Bank Account Online 

Opening a French Bank Account Online

Are you also sick of going to banks and waiting in line? Had enough of all the old-style bank bureaucracy? Looking for easier, online solutions? Looking to open a French Bank account online? For opening a regular bank account in France, read this guide.

Well, as technology evolves faster than ever, Online banking is gaining ground also in France. You can now send, receive and organize your money internationally, without spending your hard-earned money on fees or crazy exchange rates.

Here are some good and popular options for those of you who are looking into opening a French bank account online:

Britline (Crédit Agricole)

  • This bank offers Internet/phone banking services, which are operated by a famous French bank, Crédit Agricole
  • Britlineoffers banking services in English, both online and through the phone
  • A big advantage is that you can open an account with Britline before moving to France
  • Note that ss with most French banks, charges are levied on banking activities
  • A good thing is that Britline’s chargesand documentation are very transparent and published in English, making it easy for you to monitor.

BNP Paribas

  • This is one of the largest and most respectful banks operating in France, and probably in the world.
  • BNP Paribasoffers a wide range of services, from basic current accounts to more complex savings products
  • They have a great App for managing and monitoring your online bank account.

La Banque Postale

  • La Banque Postalis an offshoot bank of the famous French Postal Service
  • Thanks to that, it has one of the largest branch networks in France, operating through local post offices
  • La Banque Postale offers competitive rates, but service is likely to be French-language only
  • You can start the application process online, before posting your ‘dossier’ of forms and documents for free

ING Direct

  • ING Directis currently the largest online bank in France
  • It offers a full range of products including a free basic current account
  • However – you must be a resident in France in order to open an account
  • Also – the application process is in French only

As you surely know, there are plenty of banking options in France – so before you choosing a bank to open your account, be clear on what is important to you. If your French isn’t perfect, or if you’ll be living outside of the major cities, you’re better be off with an online bank with the option of corresponding in English and opening a French Bank Account Online.

If you still have questions – check out our post for more details on opening a bank account in France.



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