How to Travel to France for Business and Look Smart on Arrival

How to Travel to France for Business
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If you are a seasoned business traveler or just starting out in your career but need to fly on business to France, this article will be of help and relevance. Many business professionals are required to fly to important meetings, forums, and business events across the year that take place in France.

These can be the venue for delivering an important speech or presentation, sealing a deal with a foreign client, or attending a conference with other industry professionals. 

It is of paramount importance to project a smart and business-like image when you arrive at the venue, especially in France – where they put such emphasis on outer looks. Read more about Business in France on our blog.

Put simply, looking tired or disheveled will portray you and the business that you represent in a poor light. Thankfully, there is a range of strategies that you can employ to ensure that you look and feel your best once you have got to the venue. This article describes three ways to achieve the perfect appearance when flying to France on business. 

Wear comfortable clothing during the flight

Firstly, it is vitally important to wear comfortable clothing on your flight to France. If you are traveling from Europe, your flight will only take a matter of hours, but if you wear tight-fitting clothing, you are likely to feel uncomfortable throughout the flight and may look tired upon arrival. Make sure you wear loose-fitting clothing, such as leisure wear or joggers.

Clearly, you will not be wearing this attire once you arrive at the business venue, but you will have time to change beforehand. In addition, wearing such clothing instead of your business attire helps to ensure that any spills of food or drink during the flight will not spoil your overall look.

Take a suit cover with a hanger

Many travelers know the value of taking their suit or business attire in a dedicated suit cover. This helps to keep the clothes looking their best and crease-free and is especially important if you are not planning on staying in a hotel before your meeting or event. Remember to keep your business clothes attached to a coat hanger in the suit cover. 

This will make sure that all the clothes stay flat and laid out as you packed them. Look online to find plastic hangers in bulk so that you can get a hanger for your suit cover that is both light and durable, which is incredibly important on a flight where every last kilo counts. Plastic hangers are significantly lighter than their wooden counterparts and may be thinner in design, which allows for flat packing.

Take essential toiletries

As a final point, it is important to take a small range of essential toiletries with you on your flight. A travel toothbrush, comb, and razor are essential for looking good on arrival at your venue.

Consider also packing a fragrance and deodorant so that you smell clean and fresh even if you have not had the opportunity to shower before you get to the business meeting. See here for more information on essential travel toiletries to take with you on your business trips to France.

You may not need all of them, depending on the duration of your trip, but they will serve as a handy reminder for the ‘must-have’ items to pack.


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