Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank

    Credit Lyonnais Bank

    Credit Lyonnais (LCL) is one of the major French commercial banks. It was founded by Henri Germain in 1863 and grew fast to become the largest bank in the world by 1900. However, ninety years later, by the 1990’s, Credit Lyonnais grew smaller and was ”only” the largest state-owned bank in France.

    LCL bank serves more than 6 million customers through a network of approximately 2,000 branches in France and offices in more than 60 countries. LCL provides consumer and commercial banking services as well as investment services (corporate finance, securities brokerage and asset management).

    When LCL was acquired by Credit Agricole, they moved their focus back to the French market. The services they provide today are focused towards individual private banking and banking professionals. Among their services are online banking, corporate banking, and asset management.

    LCL headquarters address:
    19 Boulevard Des Italiens
    Paris F-75002

    Contact numbers:
    Phone: +33 1 42 95 70 00
    Fax: +33 1 42 95 00 95
    website (French)
    Customer support phone numbers:
    – From France: 09 69 36 30 30
    – From abroad: +33 9 69 36 30 30

    Bank branches opening hours:
    Monday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
    Tuesday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
    Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
    Thursday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
    Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

    Click here for SWIFT BIC Codes List of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank

    Credit Lyonnals Bank (LCL) ATMs and Branches:

    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Paris
    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Marseille
    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Lyon
    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Toulouse
    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Lille
    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Strasbourg
    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Montpellier
    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Bourdeaux
    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Nantes
    ATMs and Branches of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) Bank in Nice



    1. Hello,

      Does Ms Chantal Berger work in LCL bank? We got Facebook message from her, about loan possibilities.

      In some reason agreement fee is asked to transfer to Benin?! 🙂

      It looks like scam, but I am just curious 🙂

      Best regards,

      • Hi Raul,
        Unfortunately we cannot confirm if a Ms. Chantal Berger works in LCL bank.
        However – this indeed sounds like a scam.
        We would recommend contacting LCL directly to inquire on any bank issues, and not rely on facebook or any social media, including email.
        Best regards,

      • Hi Karen,
        We are an online magazine about France, we are representing the bank.
        Please contact the bank directly – the contact details are in the article.

        Good luck!

    2. Hi! How about untrusted persons? In a name of LCL one person as Your company’s agent (she argues that) through Messenger offer a loans. She’s email adress is ending with How I can be sure, she is yours?

      • We wouldn’t recommend trusting loans through messenger.
        Please contact the Bank directly on the Telephone numbers listed.

    3. Dear Mister Jack Burns. Please can you contact with me if Ms. Claudine Eva is working with LCL Bank..
      I’ve been contacting her from a long time now..

      • Hi Chris – sorry but we are not connected to LCL bank.
        Please use the contact details and try contacting directly.
        Good luck!

    4. Hi, I made contact with a person called Francoise Jenevieve who claimed to be the team leader working for CLC in France. They ask for my personal information & bank details which I provided so I’m hoping I haven’t got myself caught up with a fraudulent group of pepole. Please help me. Thank you.

      • Hi Alex,
        We are not connected or related to CLC Bank.
        We have just listed a directory of all Banks in France.
        We hope you found help,
        Good luck!

    5. Hi I am working with these people getting a loan of $20k USD. One clams to be a director of the bank one is claiming to be a lawyer. Francois Absil and one claimed to be a lawyer Yelian Amoussou! Can you confirm if these people do represent your bank please? It was an add i found on FB that i kind of applied for a loan. When i calling the bank numbers on this site, i don’t understand the language provided on the auto answer machine. Please advise.

      • Hi – we are an online resource about France, with a list of all French Banks.
        We cannot check or confirm any of the details.
        You will need to call them or email them directly.
        Good luck!

    6. Hello can you confirm the name Anne Manon, one of my Facebook friend who added me and told me about the personal loan from this LCL bank
      Now we still communicate on whatsapp on this matter but I am not this is true or not. She also told me to pay the loan fee that is about 295 US dollar then my loan would be processed the next day. Please could u confirm that??

      I don’t want to spend my time with people who are not trusted

      Thank u

      • Hi – we are not affiliated with any bank.
        We are an online resource about France.
        However – we do not recommend doing financial bank transactions with anyone who contacted you through Facebook.
        For banking issues contact the bank directly.

      • Hi,
        We are not affiliated with any Bank.
        We are an online resource about France, including info about French banks.
        For such questions please contact the Bank directly.

    7. Hi!
      The Benin city branch of Credit Lyonnais bank of France appoint me give a credit. some person (Audrey Messan Houenon) i sent him money from western union, promise me give credit. by the way the payment for credit is not stopping. who is he? He contacted with me by whatsapp number +12622141419. Also he set an advertisement on facebook about he help to give a credit for people around world. Please, who knows about him write me

    8. Señores soy de Guatemala, una página que se llama préstamos de dinero LCL Bank, por medio de Twitter, me ofrece un préstamo, pues quiero saber si está debidamente respaldada por ustedes, les ruego contestarme a mi perfil

    9. Hello,
      Can I transfer account from Populaire to LCL?is it possible?how can I do this?how can I open business account?do you have any English customer service?please.

    10. Hello LCL bank,
      My name Charles Nemil. I was contact by Monica Lodge lcl bank staff and Director Mr.Albert Percer Thru face book. LCL bank is giving out Losns and then i must pay a fees before the loan is process. Please check is it true.

    11. I need to contact the Caisse D’Epargne and LCL in English to tell them of the passing of my mother who held accounts with them. Is there an English Email or ‘chat’ service that anyone knows of for either or both of these banks?


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