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    The Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC Bank) is a French banking network created in 1859 and divided into 6 regional banks in France and abroad (in Luxembourg). It offers mainly savings accounts, mortgages, and loans to its customers. The bank aslo also owns stakes in specialised entities involved in private banking, asset management, leasing, securities brokerage, and property/casualty insurance.

    CIC is a publicly traded company, it has 2064 branches spread throughout the country and employs more than 21,000 people. It also owns 95% of the mobile virtual network operator NRJ Mobile. In 1998, the acquisition of 68% of its shares by the Federal Bank Crédit Mutuel for 2.04 billion euros gave birth to the group Crédit Mutuel-CIC (CM-CIC).

    The CIC regional banks and subsidiaries:

    – CIC Est at Wacken (Strasbourg)
    – CIC Est (ex CIAL – SNVB), based in Strasbourg
    – CIC West (formerly Banque CIO – BRO), based in Nantes
    – CIC Northwest (eg BSD), based in Lille
    – CIC Lyonnaise de Banque (CIC future South East), based in Lyon
    – CIC South West (ex Bordeaux Credit), based in Bordeaux
    – CIC Paris
    – Banque Transatlantique
    – Banque de Luxembourg (100%)


    Bank Code (BIC) CMCIFRPP
    Institution code (IBAN) 30066

    CIC Head office address:
    6 avenue de Provence
    75452 Paris 9, France

    Tel.: +33 1 4596 9696
    website (French)



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